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Our Newnan Real Estate Transaction Legal Services

Walter W. Arnall, LLC, in Newnan, Georgia, represents and advises residential and commercial real estate buyers and sellers, as well as lenders. Attorney Walter W. Arnall has practiced real estate law in the Newnan area for more than 25 years, advising and representing parties to transactions of all levels of complexity. He works with clients at every stage, from negotiating the terms of the purchase and sale agreement to closing. His services include:

  • Real estate purchases and sales. The firm represents sellers, buyers, lenders and investors in real estate. Walter W. Arnall can help you negotiate terms, draft and review contracts, and ensure that your entire transaction proceeds to your benefit and according to the law.
  • Title examinations, title insurance and defect resolution. The firm’s founding lawyer is also an experienced title agent who can research the history of a piece of real estate to identify liens, judgments, encumbrances, property defects or title errors (such as incorrect listing of ownership) that may influence your decision to purchase or ability to sell. Attorney Arnall can help you work with the seller to resolve any issues prior to purchase and set you up with the title insurance you will need to protect yourself against issues discovered in the future.
  • Real estate loans. Walter W. Arnall has long-standing relationships with local lenders and can help you obtain the best mortgage available for your intended purchase.
  • Commercial leasing. Walter W. Arnall, LLC, assists clients in drafting or vetting lease contracts, reviewing property histories, and negotiating favorable lease terms for commercial properties, including restaurants, gas stations, convenience stores, office buildings and rental properties.
  • Easements and surveys. Attorney Arnall helps his clients obtain survey information they need to establish property lines and other features of a real estate parcel. He also assists his clients in applying for easements to zoning restrictions in both residentially and commercially zoned areas.
  • Foreclosures and short sales. The firm represents lenders, creditors and debtors in the foreclosure process and in completing short sales when a property’s market value is less than the amount of debts secured against the property.

Every real estate transaction carries a degree of potential risk to both buyer and seller. Clear and practical advice from an experienced real estate lawyer minimizes this risk and dramatically improves the chances of a smooth, successful purchase or sale. Walter W. Arnall is prepared to assist you with every step of your next real estate transaction to avoid expensive roadblocks.

Real Estate Closings

Attorney Arnall is experienced in handling all aspects of estate closings to help his clients transfer title as quickly and easily as possible. He handles closings for all types of real estate, including:

  • Residential closings, including homes, second homes and vacation homes, and other residential property.
  • Commercial closings, including commercial properties of all kinds, such as office buildings, warehouses, retail stores, shopping centers and industrial plants.
  • Recreational tract closings involving large parcels of land used for recreational purposes, such as hunting, fishing, camping and vacationing.

Walter W. Arnall and his of counsel attorneys have represented clients at thousands of closings. The team always prepares carefully by reviewing the paperwork and discussing it with you beforehand so there are no surprises. Clients turn to Attorney Arnall repeatedly because they trust him to handle all the necessary details.

Get It Done Right The First Time

Founding attorney Walter W. Arnall is a highly experienced real estate attorney who has represented local clients for more than 20 years. He understands all that is needed to complete a real estate transaction successfully, and he can identify the pitfalls that other real attorneys might overlook. He has extensive experience in completing each of these types of closings listed above, and he can answer any questions you may have.

If you retain him, Mr. Arnall will guide you through your transaction, handle all of the paperwork, and do everything to make your real estate closing both safe and painless.

To discuss your concerns with an experienced Newnan real estate transactions attorney, contact the firm at Walter W. Arnall, LLC, online or by calling 770-648-1372. We serve Coweta County and have a satellite office in Meriwether County.