Protecting Your Interests In Real Estate Transactions

Founding attorney Walter W. Arnall is an established and skilled real estate lawyer. The team at Walter W. Arnall, LLC, is known for their familiarity with local real estate players and markets. Attorney Arnall and his of counsel attorneys are committed to helping residential and commercial clients, creditors, and lenders in a wide range of real estate concerns. The firm also does work in estate planning and criminal defense. 

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Walter W. Arnall, LLC, is an established firm that has been representing clients since 2009. The firm’s founding attorney is Walter W. Arnall, who has been practicing since 1997. He’s aided by Randall Duncan, a retired judge who serves the firm as an of counsel attorney. Randall represents criminal defense clients who are qualified for a public defender. Also, James Curran Davis Bowen serves as of counsel in commercial and residential real estate.

Attorney Arnall was born and raised in Newnan, and brings a wealth of local, legal knowledge and experience to each case he represents. He draws upon this insight when representing clients in various real estate transitions. He has over 25 years of experience, and he has successfully closed hundreds of commercial and residential real estate transactions.

When you work with Walter W. Arnall, LLC, you get reliable, local and experienced representation.

The attorneys of Walter W. Arnall, LLC

Protecting Your Real Estate Investments

Whether you are buying or selling a house, commercial property or purchasing a large recreational parcel of land, attorney Arnall and the team at Walter W. Arnall, LLC, can help. As an experienced real estate lawyer, attorney Arnall will confidently and diligently guide you through the various processes, mitigating risks, handling all necessary paperwork and closing requirements. He will ensure your real estate transactions protect your interests and future investments.

In addition, the firm can help clients with estate planning, wills, probate and criminal defense. Life can throw many types of challenges at you, and with the team at Walter W. Arnall, LLC, you can be confident that you are prepared to handle them.

Let Walter W. Arnall, LLC, Help Take The Stress Out Of Your Real Estate Issue

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